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 Fascinated by design, cuts and fashion architecture, Anisha Nathani started out with a Vidal Sassoon Diploma (London) in hair. A few years after, her passion for design extended to jewellery’s striking forms and shapes. A short design course at the International Gemological Institute (Mumbai) enabled her to explore the aesthetic aspects of her forthcoming jewellery line. It was a short matter of time before her contemporary jewellery brand, IZUSA, was formed.


Deriving its name from Native American etymology, what started out as a quintessential bohemian collection inspired by tribal and vintage influences soon gave way to a multitude of enchanting theme-based collections suitable for every occasion, taste and budget. Most importantly, the cornerstone of IZUSA’s formed – imperfections are what make a woman beautiful, flawless and distinct. Keeping this belief in mind as a guiding force, IZUSA’s team of designers has been crafting jewellery that are hammered, textured, basket-wired and carved into delicate, filigree textures. Our aim is to create jewellery that serves as an armour for women to shine through all their different personalities and moods, feel beautiful inside and out, and inspire confidence through their self perceived imperfections. After all, the IZUSA woman is an individual with a unique personality she’s unafraid to channel through every element of her life,Moreover, she’s a trendsetter who believes in the power of leading, not following. 



Our growing team of designers take pride in crafting jewellery that is on-point in its trendiness factor, unique in its design, premium in its 22-carat flash gold plated and affordable in its pricing. Although most of our jewellery is handcrafted with love, care and attention to detailing in our India-based workshop, we also source designs that marvel us from around the globe and provide them to you on one convenient online platform. In essence, our designs are the perfect amalgamation of luxury statement trends, abstract shapes and contemporary Indian roots all set in natural semi precious stones. We have recently started incorporating other innovative materials, too, setting our designs in ebony and pine wood, which are sustainable and eco-friendly


Our Clientele

Whether you’re a college student looking for daily wear, a working professional looking for office pieces, a homemaker looking for brunch accessories, an employer looking for corporate gifts, or a desi girl looking to rock that next wedding bash, there’s something in our treasure trove of goodies that is bound to capture your fancy. Added bonus – we can also design something exclusively for you if there’s a particular design motif or stone you have in mind. 

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